President’s Letter

Georg Noever, EURAPS President

Dear Colleagues, Members and Friends,

It is with great pleasure that I take up the charge of President of EURAPS for the year 2017/2018.

The Association is now in its 28th year and has grown to be an important organisation in the landscape of European Plastic Surgery. Although the number of its members is still small it seems to be quite important to young and enthusiastic Plastic Surgeons as is demonstrated by the number of submitted abstracts for the annual meeting on the one hand and the growing number of applications for membership on the other hand.

Although it is difficult to have an abstract accepted for presentation as the submissions outnumber the possible number of presentations by far , we encourage all young Plastic Surgeons to submit as this will for sure increase the scientific level of the annual meeting.

The meeting in Pisa was a real success. The number of participants was slightly higher than in the previous year. The scientific level was excellent and all the sessions were well attended.

As far as the nationalities of the participants is concerned, the highest number came from Italy followed by the Netherlands. We were very happy to see that there were 31 delegates from the US which demonstrates the attractiveness of the academic programme.

In the past years we noticed a decline in the participation of active EURAPS members .This year participation was really good as about 50 % of the members attended the meeting. This trend should continue and I urge all members to plan in advance and participate as this is actually not only a right but also a duty as can be read in the statutes of the Association.

During the General Assembly there were many issues raised and discussion was lively. I will therefore work closely with the Secretary General and various Committees to improve communication and further develop the organisation to allow for change and transparency. I think that this becomes even more important as the size of the association is growing at a tremendous rate. I do welcome suggestions and input from all members and will forward them into the respective committees.

It is a great honour for me to have been elected EURAPS president and I will take on this responsibility with the utmost respect to members and statutes of EURAPS.

I invite all of you to the next annual meeting in Madrid from May 17 – 19 , 2018 where the local host Bernardo Hontanillo will certainly make it a memorable event.

Georg Noever