Hans Anderl, founding member and former President of EURAPS, donated a large sum of money to the European Association of Plastic Surgeons, through EURAPS Austria. This will allow EURAPS to attribute the annual Hans Anderl Award of around 4,000 euro, from 2005 onwards.
The Award is exclusively aimed at those European countries which are represented in EURAPS.

Aims of the Award

Promotion of excellence in the field of Plastic Surgery in Europe
Recognition of outstanding (pioneer) achievements in the field of Plastic-Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.


A Committee, appointed by the General Assembly, will consider the applications and choose the most suitable candidate.


Candidates must be active members of EURAPS or must have presented at least one paper at a EURAPS Meeting and be sponsored by two EURAPS members, one from their own country and one from another country. Limit is 50 years of age.

Candidates must submit to euraps@eurotraining.it their CV together with their peer reviewed papers – written in English – published as first author in the five years (January 1st till December 31st) prior to year of the upcoming EURAPS Meeting, before 30th November each year. Comments, letters to editors, etc will not be accepted as publications.

At least one paper has to be published in the year before this meeting.

Papers accepted for publication need to be accompanied by a letter of acceptance from the Editor. If a paper is produced by an author and (several) co-authors, the prize may be shared among them, with the author receiving at least 20% more than the others.

The heads of institutes or clinics will not be given a share. If two papers are evaluated as equally good, the prize must be shared by the authors.

If no commendable papers are submitted, the Hans Anderl Award Committee can decide that the prize will not be awarded that year and that the money remains in the Foundation.


2024Mauro BARONE (Italy)
2023Beniamino BRUNETTI, Italy
2022Stefan HACKER, Austria
2021Andres RODRIGUEZ, Sweden
2020Bong-Sung KIM, Switzerland
2019Elisabeth Artemis KAPPOS, Germany
2018Juan BARRET, Barcelona, Spain
2016 Jan Jeroen VRANCKX, Leuven, Belgium
2015Benedetto LONGO - Rome, Italy
2014Bernardo HONTANILLA – Pamplona, Spain
2013Ahmet BOZKURT – Aachen, Germany
2012Oskar ASZMANN – Vienna, Austria
2011Moustapha HAMDI – Brussels, Belgium
2010N / A
2009Benoît LENGELÉ - Brussels, Belgium
2008N / A
2007Eric ARNAUD – Paris, France
2006Nikolaos PAPADOPULOS – Munich, Germany
2005Phillip BLONDEEL, Moustapha HAMDI and Koenraad VAN LANDUYT – Gent, Belgium