To foster the relationship between EURAPS (European Association of Plastic Surgeons) and AAPS (American Association of Plastic Surgeons), EURAPS voted to award two 1-month fellowships to two European Plastic Surgeons to improve their mastery in plastic surgery by visiting one or two selected American Plastic Surgery Centers.


Candidates must be fully accredited (EC) and actively practicing Plastic Surgery in Europe for less than 10 years. They must be able to communicate well in both written and spoken English.


The following documents must be sent to before December 1st, each year:

  • C.V.
  • A letter from the candidate describing their proposed program and motivation
  • The names of the chosen Institute. The candidate may propose up to two Institutes but may state a preference
  • A letter of acceptance from the welcoming Institute
  • The names of two Sponsors (EURAPS Full Members)


A Committee appointed by the EURAPS General Assembly will consider the applications and choose the most suitable candidates.


To foster the relationship between EURAPS (European Association of Plastic Surgeons) and AAPS (American Association of Plastic Surgeons), two one-month fellowships of € 3.000 each will be awarded every year. The scholarship must be completed before the end of the following year.

The EURAPS Secretary General will write to the head of the Institute(s) to be visited, recommending the successful applicant after the award is decided at the annual meeting. The recipients are expected to attend the EURAPS Annual Meeting of his/her nomination, to be awarded during the Social dinner. The first half of the allowance will be paid before the commencement of the scholarship, while the second half will be paid upon receipt of a report (formatted according to the Euraps template) from the recipient and co-signed by the host of the Institute, sent to the Chair of the Scholarship Committee and to EURAPS Secretary General at the end of the visit.

The best scored candidate will give a 4 minutes presentation, with regard to his/her educational experience, at the next Euraps meeting during opening ceremony. In case the above mentioned requirements have not been fulfilled, the whole or second part of the stipend will not be paid.



2024Riccardo LORENZINI (Austria)
2019Ali MODARRESI (Switzerland)
Mauro BARONE (Italy)
2018Holger J. KLEIN, Zurich, Switzerland - Sponsor: Charles E. BUTLER
2017Giorgio GIATSIDIS, Padua, Italy - Sponsor: Beatriz BERENGUER
Kai MEGERLE, Munich, Germany - Sponsor: Hans Günther MACHENS
2016N / A
2015N / A
2014Benedetto LONGO Rome, Italy - Sponsor: Julian PRIBAZ, Fabio SANTANELLI DI POMPEO
2013N / A
2012Jan A. PLOCK Zurich, Switzerland - Sponsor: Daniel ERNI, Pietro GIOVANOLI
2010Barbara DEL FRARI - Innsbruck, Austria - Sponsor: A. SCHWABEGGER
2009Andreas GRAVVANIS, Athens, Greece - Sponsor: Ph. BLONDEEL
2006Christophe HEITMANN, Ludwigshafen, Germany - Sponsor: G. GERMANN
2005Dietmar ULRICH Aachen, Germany - Sponsor: N. PALLUA
2004Moustapha HAMDI, Gent, Belgium - Sponsor: S. MONSTREY
2003Gennaro SELVAGGI, Rome, Italy - Sponsor: S. MONSTREY
2002Frank GRAEWE, Munich, Germany - Sponsor: W. MÜHLBAUER