Grazia Salimbeni, EURAPS President 2013-2014

Dear EURAPS members and friends,

It’s my pleasure to write this letter in my capacity as the new President till the 2014 annual Meeting.

I feel somehow overwhelmed by this appointment also because of the outstanding qualities of those who came before me, but I am on this podium and I’ll try to work as best I can in order not to feel inadequate.

First of all thanks to the Turkish friends, in particular to Sühan Ajhan, who organized a five-star 24th Annual Meeting, where everything worked perfectly: projectors, microphones; a social programme in a comfortable hotel, which favoured the socialization of the guests and friendship: aim of our Association together with the excellence in Plastic Surgery. We could have been more numerous, a sign that the crisis affects everyone.

We missed you Daniel!
Daniel Marchac was the symbol of the EURAPS. With Isabella’s help, he was movingly commemorated by Riccardo Mazzola. The video of his life was really touching. Thanks Daniel, for the many messages that you sent to us over the years, not only about Plastic Surgery, but also about the Plastic Surgeon’s conduct.

Another very sad event: immediately after the conclusion of the Meeting, Turkey was the field of a socio-political upheaval that still inflames the city. We feel close to our friends, as we have already shown, and we hope their ideals will be achieved for the welfare of the country and its people. Let us spread the news, as they ask us to do, to sensitise those who can help.

My main commitment, pending completion of the organization of the Panel for next year, is the JWG (EURAPS Junior Working Group). For those who do not know yet, the JWG at the moment is a project conceived by S. Hacker and G. Giatsidis, residents in Plastic Surgery in Vienna and Padova , to create a connection among the residents, inside EURAPS, but without formal membership. The objective is to promote exchanges and information in the fields of research; technical and scientific update; discussion of problems of common interest. All this should take place under the supervision of EURAPS, with one or more tutors. I will be their Tutor during my year as President, but I will continue to be on their side, if possible, since my major 40-year professional commitment has been to help young Plastic Surgeons who deserved to develop in this profession.

In the coming year we will see how this project takes shape. We thank the British colleagues who have offered their cooperation: it will be invaluable in the near future, as soon as the JWG will be set up according to the plan submitted to the General Assembly. All the Plastic Surgery residents who are interested can get in touch with:

With some of you we will be meeting in Boston for the four-year Congress of the Charles Bell Society and we will meet many of you in Chicaco for the WRMS Meeting.

For next year Fabio Santanelli is organizing the annual Meeting in Ischia. Please, do participate with your scientific presentations, but also with your families. It will be a pleasure for all the Italian members, besides Fabio, to welcome you to our country that, despite all that is said about it, still manages to hold up well over the years and to welcome in style those who come to visit us on business or on holiday.

I hope to make this year’s presidency constructive and rewarding to all those who have honoured me with this title, in particular the Secretary-General Prof. Manfred Frey, and his wife Eva, to whose support I am grateful.

I wish you all happy holidays.

Grazia Salimbeni